Swimming Pools FAQs

Swimming Pools


The Central District Health inspects publicly owned pools and other water facilities every year, but privately owned pools, health clubs and hotel or motel pools and hot tubs are out of our jurisdiction. Responsibility for the cleanliness and upkeep of privately owned pools is the responsibility of the owner.

Our jurisdiction is defined in Idaho Code:
Idaho Code 50-1001 defines public swimming pools as follows: “Public swimming pool” means an artificial structure, and its appurtenances, which contains water more than two (2) feet deep which is used or intended to be used for swimming or recreational bathing, and which is for the use of any segment of the public pursuant to a general invitation but not an invitation to a specific occasion or occasions. The term does not include a swimming pool operated solely for and in conjunction with a hotel, motel or other place of lodging, or a trailer park, apartment, condominium or any other residential facility containing multiple dwellings.

If you need more information about water testing and pool maintenance you can contact a pool maintenance and supply company. The health department offers a Pool Operators Competency certification course on video that can be viewed at our office for a small fee.Contact Environmental Health for more information.