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Child Care Establishment Search

Welcome to Central District Health's listing of inspections of child care establishments.

You can search for inspection results by the name of the child care establishment, the address, the zip code, or by the date of inspection.

There are 29 potential violation categories identified on an inspection report. All of these categories are important to help providers operate a healthy and safe environment for children. Within each category, our inspectors may note specific violations on the inspection report. Our searchable database displays only the categorized violations (i.e., summarized results). Copies of a specific inspection report are available upon request through our office in Boise. Call 208-327-7499 or fill out the Public Records Request form and follow the directions for submitting the form.

There are three Types of Inspections:

      1. An Inspection is a routine inspection.
      2. After corrections informs the reader of corrected violations at the time of the routine inspection.
      3. Follow up off-site or on-site inspection results informs the reader of violations that are corrected or still exist.

This database contains inspection results from 05-Jan-2009 through 22-Apr-2013.

Child Care Establishment Search
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